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Within the spring of 2011, hundreds of individuals in Germany had been hospitalized with a lethal sickness that started with meals poisoning with bloody diarrhea and sometimes led to kidney failure. That was the start of the deadliest outbreak in current historical past, attributable to a mysterious pressure of micro organism we’ll name E. coli X. Quickly after, German officers contacted the case. broke out with a restaurant in Lübeck, which had shut to twenty% patrons. develop bloody diarrhea in per week. At this level, biologists know that they’re dealing with a beforehand unknown pathogen and that conventional strategies is not going to be sufficient – computational biologists will probably be wanted to collect and genome evaluation of rising pathogens.

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Abilities you’ll achieve

  • Information construction
  • Algorithms
  • Algorithm design
  • String (Laptop Science)

Syllabus – What you’ll be taught from this course


Week 1

E. coli outbreak in Europe in 2011

In April 2011, lots of of individuals in Germany had been hospitalized for a lethal sickness that always begins as meals poisoning with bloody diarrhea. That was the start of the deadliest outbreak in current historical past, attributable to a mysterious pressure of micro organism we’ll name E. coli X. Inside just a few months, the outbreak had contaminated individuals. hundreds of individuals and killed 53. To stop the outbreak from spreading additional, pc biologists all over the world needed to reply the query “What’s the genome sequence of E. coli X micro organism?” to search out new genes it acquires to develop into pathogenic.


Week 2

Genome meeting utilizing de Bruijn . graph

The DNA sequencing methodology that led to the meeting of a small virus in 1977 had undergone a sequence of transformations that contributed to the emergence of customized medication just a few years in the past. Within the late Nineteen Eighties, biologists routinely sequenced viral genomes containing lots of of hundreds of nucleotides, however the thought of ​​sequencing bacterial (not to mention human) genomes comprises tens of millions (and even billions) of nucleotides continues to be absurd and would price billions of {dollars}.


Week 3

Genome meeting dealing with actual sequencing information

Our dialogue of genome meeting has to date been primarily based on a wide range of assumptions. On this module, we’ll face sensible challenges launched by trendy sequencing applied sciences and focus on a number of the algorithmic methods which have been proposed to handle these challenges. . Then you’ll assemble the smallest bacterial genome that lives symbiotically contained in the leafhopper. The sheltered life has allowed it to cut back its genome to solely about 112,091 nucleotides and 137 genes. And then you definately’ll be able to assemble the E. coli X genome!

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